Small Independent

A small independent with no operation and partners in a few projects. They work on some specific portions and assists the Operator. The company has 6 technical resources broken down to:

1 Manager

1 Geologist

1 Geophysicist

1 RE

1 Production Engineer

1 IT Database Manager

Total: 6 personnel

seat - s ind

The technical resources do not use software at all times, hence, a floating license seat will be a good option.  The geologist, production engineer and RE can share the one floating license to interpret wellbore data. It will depend on the configuration of the company, but in this scenario we recommend:

Instance database (500Gb) 

Additional storage (5Tb) 

1st user access 

5 additional user access 

1 multiple seat (up to 10 wellbores) 

Total yearly cost 

$  7,500


$         0 

$  2,500



(included in Base Package)

(each additional Tb at $2k each)

(included in Base Package)

(all 6 personnel have access to the database)

(1 computational seat shared by 3 geoscientists)

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