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Unlike Operators, Service Providers are constantly battling competitors attempting to steal their market share through improved services, new tools, new techniques, better performance or lower prices. They are the technology drivers of the industry. Without their ingenuity and resourcefulness, little progress would have been achieved over the past 60 years. Operators and NOCs in an effort to reduce costs, constantly attempt to commoditize services while Service Providers relentlessly bring new technologies to the table to increase their profit margins.

GeoFit™ provides the link between Operator and Service Provider to share and visualize data. This enhanced collaboration channel saves considerable time, virtually eliminates miscommunication and allows for scenario sensitivities to be investigated real-time by them.

Service Providers normally have their own in-house analysis tool during service programs. If an Operator is using GeoFit™, it may make more sense to use a common platform and tool, rather than using an in-house solution. In such case, the Operator will need to add user access and assuming the Service Provider pays for additional user access of 2 personnel, the pricing may look like the following:

Instance database (500Gb)

1st user access

2nd user access 

2 single seats (1 wellbore) 

Total yearly cost         

$  7,500 

$          0

$     500 

$  6,000

$ 14,000

(included in Base Package)

(included in Base Package)

(both personnel have access to the database)

(both personnel running computation)


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