Operators spend fortunes acquiring expensive software licenses, providing never-ending training and infrastructure to satisfy the needs of their technical people while non-technical employees are often left with spreadsheets or PDF files as a way to collaborate. Standardization of packages can reach into the hundreds of thousands of US dollars per user while still not establishing smooth data and information flow between labs, fields, operations, offices and management locations.

Technical experts become non-productive during this time and the steep learning curve creates a measurable reduction in work efficiency. As if this was not enough, IT department interaction and technical support visits to individually load updates on workstation waste an inordinate amount of valuable time.

With GeoFit™, all employees work from a common interactive database. A user’s action, such as loading of new data or metadata (reports, videos, pictures, etc.) is immediately reflected on other users’ projects. This instant update allows a company to perform at a higher level and in a much leaner, efficient and collaborative manner between various departments such as research, development, operations, and management. All software version updates are controlled from a central location without interrupting ongoing work.

Furthermore, the Operator’s IT department will have a better control on the data and application versions used by every user. Overall, the Operator’s software costs can be reduced by more than 80%, IT departments can instead focus on improving infrastructure efficiency and support internal systems.

Here is an example of a medium-sized oil company operating in a few fields and partnering with others. There are 40 technical resources broken down to:

3 Managers

2 Geophysicist

2 Geologist

2 REs

2 Production Engineer

1 Drilling Engineer

1 Completion Engineer

1 HSE Engineer

2 Petrophysicist

1 IT Database Manager

2 Data Loading Staff

21 Field Staff  

Total: 40 personnel

seat - op

It will depend on the configuration of the Operator and how many field staff actually need access, but let’s assume all the field staff accesses the database, we have the following pricing scenario:

Instance database (500Gb) 

Additional storage (5Tb) 

1st user access 

39 additional user access 

5 single seats (1 wellbore) 

2 multiple seats (up to 10 wellbore) 

1 unlimited seat (unlimited wellbore) 

Total yearly cost

$  7,500


$          0






(included in Base Package)

(each additional Tb at $2k each)

(included in Base Package)

(all 40 personnel have access to the database)

(8 computational seats shared by 19 petrotechnical staff)

(8 computational seats shared by 19 petrotechnical staff)

(8 computational seats shared by 19 petrotechnical staff)

The technical resources do not require software usage at all times. Some companies may have junior employees that split their time and work on single or limited wellbore as well. Hence, 8 floating seats should be adequate.

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