GeoFit™ provides an ideal vehicle for Investors to keep shareholders aware of the E&P lifecycle through its central database. If Investors are interested, they can even view ongoing operations.  

This is particularly useful during data room exercises where asset-selling Operators use GeoFit™ to provide data and information (reports, videos, pictures, etc.).

Whether it is for SEC reserves certification, internal and external audits, acquisitions or divestitures, the easy data access from anywhere in the world through a secure and restricted cloud platform provides a vehicle through which recognized leading experts can provide services with ease.

GeoFit™ enables this process and seamlessly connects professionals from one part of the world to another to effortlessly share information and knowledge.

Here is an example where an Investor is looking to farm-in on a project in Australia. An Operator releases information about the block and Investor can import the data in GeoFit™. Once done, the Investor can conduct analysis on the data and decide either to farm-in or not.

Assuming that the Operator does not have GeoFit™, Investor can create an instance of the block/field directly. Investor has allocated the following technical resources:

1 Geologist

1 Geophysicist

1 Petrophysicist

Total: 3 personnel




Instance database (500Gb) 

1st user access 

2 additional user access 

3 multiple seats (up to 10 wellbores) 

Total yearly cost

$  7,500

$          0

$  1,000



(included in Base Package)

(included in Base Package)

(all 3 geoscientists have access to the database)

(all 3 geoscientists using a license each full time)

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