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What is the minimum subscription period?

The minimum subscription period is one month. At the time the subscription is stopped, data can be exported out of GeoFit™ or it can be stored by GeoFit™ for a nominal charge.

What if I do not renew my monthly subscription fee of $5K and stop for 4 months and then restart the service again, will I have to pay $20K back-dated charge to the date I cancelled?

No, we do not charge any back-dated subscription costs for the 4 months that was stopped.

What happens to my data if my service lapses?

Non-financial instances will be transferred to long-term storage to minimize month-to-month costs. We do this in hope that you’ll come back and we can restore your instance to how it was when you left, saving you from loading data again. This storage and retrieval incurs a cost of approximately $1500, which includes one month of instance access to download the data. After a period of time without hearing from you, we’ll delete the data.

How safe is my data when its in storage?

Your data is protected by all the security of our cloud services provider. Furthermore, the data is stored as an image of a GeoFit™ instance, so will not be usable to any 3rd parties without us expressly hosting it for them.

I don't like the sound of this. What if I want my data deleted?

No worries! This is just what we do in the event that we lose contact with you. If you advise us that you don’t want us to backup your data to save you reloading it, we won’t!

What is the difference between the Base Package and the Computational Processing Packages?

All organizations require one Base Package, which includes 500Gb of data on the cloud and access to the database and visualization for one named user. One named user means that if Tom is a named user, then he is the only one that can access the database and visualize. Tom’s access to GeoFit™ cannot be used by Joe when Tom is not using it. If Joe wants access to GeoFit™, then the Company will have to pay $500 per year for his access and only Joe will be able to use it.

The Computational Processing Packages are used to run computation on single, multiple and unlimited boreholes. Without the Computational Processing Packages, Tom nor Joe will be able to run calculation on the current Geomechanics and Petrophysics application. Although, both Tom and Joe can visualize the applications inside GeoFit™.

If I want to run computation, will I need both the Base Package and the Computational Processing Package?

Yes, that is correct.

From a different angle, if Carl wants to run computational processing but he does not have a Base Package, then he will not be able to purchase a Computational Processing Package.

Is the user access for the Base Package a floating seat?

No, it must be a named user. In other words, if Joe has been given access to upload and download information from the database via the Base Package, then Maria will not be able to have access unless the Company subscribes a named user access for her.  

If I deal with an ANTAEUS Distributor, will I be invoiced by that Distributor?

No, you provide the name of the Distributor to us and ANTAEUS will invoice you in US Dollars within your region.

If ANTAEUS embeds additional features onto the software, is there an increase in subscription price?

The subscription price is a fixed monthly price. We have a similar concept like Netflix. There is no increase in the subscription price when we add additional applications (let’s say we added production engineering and well completion applications) to GeoFit™.

If there are features that are not available in the software, will ANTAEUS support them in the future?

This will depend on the feature. If this is a feature that is required by our clients, we can discuss separately to create a collective goal in adding it. If it is a high-end feature that is used very seldomly and only by experts, this may be available from one of our partners. It will be included as a 3rd party plugin and priced accordingly. This is a similar concept like Apple or Google Store where high-end features could be subscribed separately.  


Can the platform be installed within a country with very strict data exporting rules?

Technically, the platform can be supported anywhere. Although, we will need to work with a suitable local data hosting provider and the Customer to accommodate specific jurisdiction on legal requirements associated with the country. We would be delighted to discuss how we can overcome such rules and brainstorm together on how to get GeoFit™ in place in your country.

Can the data be taken out from a specific country?

Each country has its own rules and laws related to data export. If the data is not allowed to leave the country, then it should not. ANTAEUS has no control over this and the customer’s IT department should prevent data from leaving the country.

Does ANTAEUS have access to the username and password?

We only have access to the named user’s username, but the password is kept by the Customer. We will not be able to access your data. If the Customer loses the password, we will be able to generate new passwords.

If there are functionalities that are not available in the current version, can a Customer make specific recommendations?

Yes, we are open to recommendations and we are here to listen our customer’s requests. We have a roadmap and may include them into new releases.

If there is a functionality or workflow specific to a unique customer, can it be implemented?

We are open to discussion and would like to assist our clients as much as possible. Please contact your account manager or local distributor and we will be there to assist.

Can I access GeoFit™ when I have no Internet connection?

Yes, you can access it in a local area network without internet connection. Imagine you are in the Sahara Desert and five people are working on a project. They will be able to collaborate with one another without Internet, as long as there is a Wifi router connecting everyone together.

Is it possible to set up GeoFit™ in a local area network or intranet without having access to the Internet?

Yes, but only through a local area network environment only.

Can you import/export any kind of data (E&P and non-E&P data) into the database?

Yes, it allows you to import/export any kind of data just like a normal harddrive in a computer. For example, if you have project data in other software formats (eg. Openworks, Petrel, Kingdom, GoCAD, etc), they can be stored into the database, but the computer that you are using to access GeoFit™ will require a license of these proprietary software in order to open the project onto the computer.


What kind of training is available?

We do not have structured training courses, unless there is a specific request from a Customer. We believe that GeoFit™ is easy to use and can be learned by anyone. We provide user guides, tutorials and videos for free.

Do I need to pay for training?

There is no need to pay for expensive training and clicking through the software. Our software can be learned in less than a few hours. We provide user guides, tutorials and videos for free. Our sales people have been able to use the software after basic tutorials. It is that easy.


Is there customer support?

If there is a software bug or the software malfunctions for some reason, we can be easily reached at the GeoFit™ portal. We provide customer support from there.

Does ANTAEUS provide services like implementation, database management, workflow assessments, studies, etc?

Yes, we can provide various additional services mentioned above through our partner companies. We will be happy to introduce and recommend our partners.


Do I need to pay maintenance on the software?

No, there are no maintenance fees. We provide software upgrades for free. There are no hidden costs!

How do I know when there is a software update?

We inform the client in advance about new version releases and roadmaps with improvements and additions.

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