Core Laboratory

Core laboratories are in a position to gather the core samples from the field and then analyze the core to be sent back to the Operator. This process would be simplified and much easier on the cloud, if the core sample information and the associated logs are directly sent to the lab headquarters by the Service Companies. Once quality control and petrophysics/geomechanics interpretation are completed, the analysis can be sent to the Operator.

The core laboratory will benefit highly from having the database in place and can decide to use GeoFit™ Geomechanics or Petrophysics or a different application. Let’s assume that the lab has 14 personnel and they all want access to the database, while 2 geomechanics engineer and 1 petrophysicist running analysis.

1 Manager

1 Petrophysicist

2 Geomechanics Engineer

10 Core Lab Personnel

Total: 14 personnel




Instance database (500Gb) 

1st user access 

13 additional user access 

2 single seats (1 wellbore) 

1 multiple seat (up to 10 wellbores) 

Total yearly cost

$  7,500

$          0 

$  6,500

$  6,000 



(included in Base Package)

(included in Base Package)

(all 14 personnel have access to the database)

(shared between technical experts)

(shared between technical experts)

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